Six Sentence Sunday

From Lifeline Echoes, release date pushed forward by the publisher so a portion of the proceeds can be donated to The American Red Cross to aid with Japanese relief efforts. Stay tuned for details.

She stopped mere inches away and her body heat assaulted him like a five-alarm blaze. While she rocked in rhythm with the thumping music and sang about a devil in disguise, Ryan forced himself to remain completely still. Sending him a cheeky grin of appreciation, the sexy singer reached up, plucked the hat off his head and set it on her own. His gaze was imprisoned by luscious red lips singing about being addicted to love. Breath backed up in his lungs when she walked two red-tipped fingers in tempo, from his belly to his throat. Then all sense of his surroundings became lost in the steamy regard of those chicory-colored eyes.

Coming in April from Astraea Press.

And the USO Wounded Warriors donation partnership is still going on with Heartsight. Until June 1, 2011, all copies of Heartsight purchased at this link will generate $2 to the USO Wounded Warrior program.

For more Six Sentence Sunday fun:


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