Wacky Wednesday

Blahahaha! I’ll get you my pretty…you’re in my lair…um, at my blog now. Welcome, Kim Bowman, author of one great paranormal read, Wayward Soul, available at Astraea Press. I promise this will be painless (for the words anyway). Here’s the deal. Kim and I have entered into a story premise challenge. I tend to come up with an idea and then plot the story from start to finish. Kim comes up with an idea and writes by the seat of her pants. That’s why I’m called…wait for it…a plotter…and Kim is called…ta-da! A pantser. I’ll be posting three words in the comment section here on my blog, and Kim is going to try and come up with a plot revolving around those words. Now, Kim is going to do the same for me on her blog. http://kimbowmanauthor.blogspot.com/ She’ll be posting three words for and I’ll have to come up with a plot. Then we decided we wanted to add to the fun. We’d like everyone to leave a comment trying to stump us. You can post three of your own words that you’d like for us to use to come up with a creative plot. Or post a word for us to have to use along with the three we have!! Please keep your posts G-rated. The words you use to challenge us can be edgy but not offensive. We will then combine all the posts from mine and Kim’s blogs and use randomizer.org to pick one lucky winner of a beautiful necklace! And now….on to the games!

Wayward Soul and Heartsight are both available at http://astraeapress.com/ along with many other fine titles.

Thank you so much for having me, Kay. Be gentle with me.

Like Kay said, I write by the seat of my pants. I take an idea and go where it takes me. For instance Wayward Soul came about because of a personal experience I had that lead me to believe we do have “little voices” that guide us. Long story short, I developed an extremely high/irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure on top of that. My cardiologists scheduled a heart cath. It’s a procedure where they make an incision in your thigh and run a camera up to your heart to take a look and make sure everything’s okay.

Three days before my procedure I got this awful, sinking feeling in my stomach. It was like someone was whispering in my ear not to have the test done. At first, I thought it was nerves, but as the day went on the feeling got worse. I called and canceled the appointment. My husband was angry, the nurse was upset. She told the doctor and HE called me himself telling me that as fast as my heart was beating and with my high blood pressure I was a walking time bomb and I needed to have the procedure done.

I stood firm.

My husband even played the parent card and called my parents. I didn’t care.

Three days later (coincidence? I think not) I woke up in unbearable pain. My son took me to the ER where I almost died. My gallbladder was ready to explode. It was twice as big as it should have been. It was infected and the infection was running wild through my body. So much so that the doctors made me take four different antibiotics for a week before they would try to operate.

After the surgery to remove my gallbladder I went back to see the cardiologist. He told me how glad he was I didn’t listen to him because had he performed the heart cath he most definitely would have hit my gallbladder, possibly rupturing it and killing me before he realized what happened!

From this experience I had the thought, Wouldn’t it be cool to have a story built around that “little voice” we all hear at times?

That’s how my stories start. I see something and think “oh, it’d be cool to have characters doing that” or “what if I had this happen” and after I write the scene that pops into my head, I figure out how they get to that point. I ALWAYS know how a story is going to end before I write the first sentence. Ironically, in my new release Wayward Soul I wrote the last chapter first and then figured out (mostly in reverse order) how I was going to get the hero and heroine to that point. Okay, technically that’s not true. I wrote the last chapter first and then my hero went rogue on me and became the villain so I ended up having to add a chapter at the end. As a matter of fact, I wrote the first chapter last!

I’m excited to do this and I can’t wait to see what three words Kay comes up with for me. Okay, honestly I can’t wait for Kay to see the words I’ve chosen for her!! The gloves are off, woman!


17 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Kim Bowman says:

    Oh, you are evil! Okay, here goes:

    Shape shifter Quart Cabet has been trapped in his grizzly bear form for more than two hundred years. All because he refused to marry the demented daughter of a crazed wizzard. His only means of escape rest in the hands of 200-year-old antique pocket watch that can reset time and give Quart a chance to stop the wizzard from cursing him.

    The only problem is the watch is buried underneath the DC Metro subway and he’s a bear. How is he going to get close enough to retrive the watch?

  2. kayspringsteen says:

    A retired cowboy is working to clear his property with a front end loader. He thinks he hears a voice from the front of the machine so he shuts it down, climbs off and goes around to the front. He has unearthed a small, dirty plastic case, obviously something a child would have. Curious, he pops open the lid and finds a Barbie doll in pretty good shape. Except she’s naked. Thinking his niece might like to play with the toy, he tosses the box aside so he can continue his work. When the case lands, he hears a decided, “Ouch! Hey!” When he looks up, he sees a beautiful naked blond babe, startlingly reminiscent of the doll in the case sitting on her behind in the dirt, the case beneath her. After he properly averts his eyes, he pulls off his jacket and tosses it to Barbie. He asks who she is and she tells him she’s not really a Barbie but a special friend sent to grant him three wishes. But they have to be the right kind of wishes or the ones that aren’t will not be granted. He wishes for world peace, clothing for the Barbie, and a cure for asthma. She says those are appropriate wishes and grants them but asks him why he chose them. He claims the wish for world peace was obvious. And the cure for her to have clothing was because he’s a decent man but he is only human. The cure for asthma was in case she didn’t grant the wish for her clothing. He has asthma and his inhaler is in the pocket of his coat, which she is wearing. So in case he didn’t get the coat back, he had a fall back plan.

  3. kayspringsteen says:

    What did you do, Cheryl, go to the dictionary under M?

    A young woman moves into a new place in the country, happy to find a vegetable garden was planted by the previous owners of the house. As she’s working in the garden, her sexy neighbor, a man named Murphy Mulligan strolls by to say hello. He wonders what she’s doing with a pile of marigolds and she tells him she uses them in herbal tea to take the bitterness from Valerian root. It turns out he’s a chef and as great a cook as he is, he is a terrible gardener. She admits that she usually burns the pan when she tries to boil water. So he offers to cook her a meal every night if she provides the fresh vegetables. While they’re eating, she teases him about his name, Murphy Mulligan, and he tells her that gives him the best of two worlds. If something goes wrong…that’s just Murphy’s Law. But since his last name is Mulligan, if things go too wrong, he calls a free do-over.

  4. Kim Bowman says:

    Was that an insult or a compliment? Me intimidating??? Someone needs to tell my 2 yr old that! Trust me Kay, I bow to you. You’re the QUEEN:)

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