Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster

I want to take a break from all things romance and writing to express my sympathies and concerns for those in Japan and other places affected by this terrible disaster. The news coverage on this event is incredibly difficult to watch. The American Red Cross is already gearing up to send relief. I am posting a link to their website in case any of my readers would like to make donations. Help me get the word out. If anyone reading this blog posts a fresh link to a relief organization dealing with this tragedy, in my comment section here, or passes on the Red Cross link, perhaps on Facebook, or on your own blog, (tag me with it on facebook or send me the link to your blog) I will enter you in a drawing for a free PDF copy of Heartsight. Winner will be drawn on Monday.


Pass the word with the Red Cross link or show me on my comment section here another relief organization than the Red Cross. Tag me (Kate Tate) on Facebook or leave me with your blog address to show me your repost and I will enter you in a drawing to win a PDF copy of my book, Heartsight.


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