Six Sentence Sunday

This is from Lifeline Echoes, a promising wip:

From his core, adrenaline kicked in and Ryan mustered the energy to drag himself to his feet. Rage born of fear pushed him past the threshold of pain. He rammed his fist into Bull’s gut. When the big man doubled over, Ryan clasped his hands together and aimed the double fist to the bottom of Bull’s jaw, knocking him backward. A feeling of pure disgust coursing through him, Ryan grabbed Bull by the collar, pulling him up and glaring into his eyes. “The hell you will,” he said, accentuating each word with alternating left-right blows to Bull’s face.

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For more Six Sentence Sunday fun:


20 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Casi says:

    I like the kitties. They’re cute.

    Also, “What isn’t he going to do?” that was my first question after reading the fight scene.

    You did a great job at making the fight feel real.

  2. Linda Morris says:

    This kind of scene can be so hard to write because we’ve all read a lot of fight scenes, but you did a great job with it! I like the adrenaline kicking in “from his core.”

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