Six-Sentence Sunday Entry

My 6-sentence excerpt, in which my heroine has been trying to fight a prairie wildfire:

She never noticed the shifting wind, nor the change in the fire’s tone from snapping puppy to snarling wolf. The rusty amber glow swirled into a vortex of smoke and flame with Sandy in its eye. Promising exquisite torture, the monster fanned her with its hot breath. Greedy licks of orange and yellow stretched toward her, as if eager for a taste of tender flesh. Invisible flames charred the tips of dried grass at her feet. Sandy stood transfixed by the beauty and power of the blazing entity.

From Lifeline Echoes, current work making submission rounds

Six Sentence Sunday is the idea of Sara Brookes, in which writers–published and otherwise–share six sentences from their current project, manuscript making the editor-agent rounds, or published masterpiece. If that description fits you, feel free to click here and join the fun.

Heartsight is almost here! March 1, 2011!




And check out my interview on Sherry Gloag’s blog:


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