The Things We Do For Love

Happy Six-Sentence Sunday!

Love sees with the heart

What would you do for your love? Would you take a bullet? Give your life? Would you walk through a hurricane blind to rescue someone you love? Would you be your love’s eyes?

“…The beach is flat where the tide comes in, but just beyond the high tide line, these little mounding dunes start. The beach grass is more brown than green, a couple of shades darker than the sand, and it’s tall and scrubby. There are four or five rows of drift fences instead of one like on other parts of the beach. The sun is getting low so the drift fences make very long shadows pointing toward the water.”

“Harkening Point,” Dan breathed. Her words took him right there. Emotion welled as he saw it in his mind, exactly the way she described it.

From Heartsight, available March 1, 2011, at

And don’t forget to check back on Tuesday for exciting news from Kim Bowman about her new release and a scavenger hunt with prizes!

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13 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love

  1. Casi says:

    That’s so sweet. It’s also a really great description, and I am forced to assume that he was able to see at one point, otherwise she would have to work harder to describe colors.

    Good job on your six.

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