Improving My LEF

So I made my resolutions last night and this morning. In past years, I’ve always set goals that I am never quite able to meet. Things like “I’ll clean out the storage room beneath my house…” Yeah, sure. I’ll pay my son to do it…if HE even will go under there. I will paint my bathroom-that one I can do. And I will even paint my bedroom. Oh, but I guess I should finish my utility/laundry room first.

Smell me once a day!

I could do the ever popular losing weight goals, eat healthier, get more exercise. These are the goals I typically fail at. Why set myself up for failure?

So, for personal resolutions:

1.  I will spend more time in Fiction Land, either reading it or writing it, depending on my mood.

2.  I will spend more fun time with Sadie, going to the park, playing little kid games, etc.

3.  I will eat more Dairy Queen. Seriously…last summer went by and I didn’t stop at a DQ even ONCE. So this year…this is my year to hit DQ once a week, on a Sunday…with Sadie.

4.  I will smell the roses in my yard at least once daily when they are in bloom. When they aren’t I will smell some other flower I’ve got out there.

5.  I will play in a mountain stream at least once.

Well, those are my top five. I’ve decided that as far as self-improvement goes, it ain’t going to happen. So instead, I am striving to improve my LEF – that’s Living Enjoyment Factor. Life is too short to go a whole summer without one trip to Dairy Queen!



4 thoughts on “Improving My LEF

  1. the1940mysterywriter says:

    Not long after I’d met my husband-to-be, I was in my car following him in his car, on a return trip from Austin to Houston. It was night, it’s an easy road if you know it (but I didn’t), and I didn’t know that guy ahead of me all that well, either, even though he seemed like a lot of fun. Let’s say I was a tad nervous.

    Anyways, he suddenly exits onto a back road and accelerates. I follow without thinking and then realize I couldn’t find my way back to the highway if I had to. So I’m stuck trailing after him as he wends his way on two-lane farm roads through the Texas hill country for almost an hour . . . until he turns in at Dairy Queen. See, he knows all the shortcuts.

    Of course I married him.

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