The Year That Was: Putting 2010 to Bed

As with all other years, 2010 began as an infant on January 1. But the tone of the year was very quickly set on that same day with a suicide bombing in Pakistan that killed 95 and injured more than 100. We saw tsunamis, landslides, torrential rains, unbelievable USA-wide severe super-cell storms, wildfires, multiple large-scale earthquakes and several protracted, life-disrupting volcanic eruptions, that had many questioning whether the world was trying to shake itself apart, and even with the adamant denials by scientists, there are those who still wonder if this is not the beginning of the end.  There were more acts of aggression in the form of bombings. And we saw man-made disasters, most notably the explosion of The Deepwater Horizon, as well as several large plane crashes.

We experienced the horror of mining disasters alongside families whose loved ones were trapped deep in the heart of the earth, and we cried when they received word that their loved ones were dead. But many of us also sat riveted to the TV screen on October 13, watching CNN’s coverage of the rescue of 33 Chilean minors after 69 days of being trapped 700 meters below ground, living proof that hope is not yet gone.

We noted continuing worldwide financial woes, political changeups and shakeups. We saw Wiki Leaks and yet another discussion of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I haven’t checked to see if we lost more celebrities than in the past, but it does seem like every few days brought another prominent death announcement.

We saw beginnings and endings in our TV entertainment world (most notably the series finale of ABC’s Lost – come on, you knew I’d mention that). We learned more about Mark Zuckerberg, the boy genius behind Facebook, even as we spent more and more time on Facebook when we should have been productively working.

We also saw many notable prominent wealthy people who pledged not just “some help,” but to give the majority of their wealth to various world charities.

Yes, 2010 was a year that made us wonder if we didn’t have an unsteady toddler at the wheel of life, with all the ups and downs, both personal and private. And I think the jury may still be hung on whether most people think we ended in the black or the red on the balance sheet of living.

Whatever your personal feelings, tonight, this year gets put to bed forever. At midnight, everything that has gone old will be new again. Let us collectively pray and think good thoughts that the coming year is a very good year.

Bring it on, 2011!


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